Drawing upon a passion for people, justice, equality, and progressive action, Jacquie is a natural self-starter with executive leadership roles in operational management and program strategy. Very much looking forward to translating her experience to help align your business vision with business reality and success.


What JacqAlign Does Best

Self-driven, solutions-oriented leader, generating impact by offering assertive, direct communication and hands-on guidance to support teams. Deliver on bottom line and social impact objectives via strategic focus and natural curiosity.

Operational Efficiency

Monitor pulse of organizational culture with 360-degree lens. Engineer viable business models committed to people-centric mission and organizational growth.

Cross-functional Leadership

Apply analytical and compassionate mindset to lead organizations, spearheading program strategy, operational management, financial accountability, consulting, and strategic vision.

Building Cultures of Inclusivity and Accountability

Working at intersection of mission-driven values and global issues to advance holistic messaging and human rights. Utilize strategic communications to amplify voices and supporters in order to influence policymakers in US and abroad.

Organizational Development

Kickstart momentum by providing hands-on, tactical leadership during change management. Retain top talent and boost employee morale through process redesign and execution.

 Global Social Impact

Apply unique, multifaceted experience as Latinx, foreign-born womxn raised in Dominican Republic to lead with inclusive management style and vision focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion in the US and abroad

Change Management

Lead mission to build more equitable world by supporting community-driven change with grassroots human rights approach of intersectionality, advocating for democratic norms. Advance reproductive health, rights, and justice. Bilingual in English and Spanish. US Air Force Veteran.


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Skills & Competencies


Strategic, Operational, & Budget Planning | Finance, Budget, HR, & IT Management | Program Research, Development, Implementation, & Evaluation | Situational & Communications Management | Board Relationship Management | Leadership Team Supervision | Staff Development, Evaluation, & Training | Business Modeling | Market Analysis | Cost Management | Sales Growth | Long-Term Growth Strategy | Communication Strategy | Consulting | Corporate Initiatives | Fundraising, Development, & Major Donor Relationship Management | Professional Employment Organization Management | Curriculum Development | Medical Education & CME Accreditation | Online & e-Learning Course Design | Reproductive Health, Rights, Justice & Social Advocacy Campaigns | Public Policy & Strategic Partnerships | Communications & Donor Engagement | Education, Research, & Training | Medical & Allied Health Program Development & Accreditation | Program Strategy | Communication & Accountability | Goal Attainment | Internal Operations Best Practices | Financial Records | Business Development | Risk Mitigation | Budget Analysis | One-on-one Remote Work Design & Management


Stakeholder Relationships | Human Resources | Staff Hiring & Training | Recruiting & Onboarding | Performance Standards Organizational Development | Cross-functional Team Building & Leadership


Microsoft Office Suite, Office 365, OneDrive, SharePoint, Exchange Server, MAC OS, DeskFlex, Adobe Captivate, Adobe Connect Pro, GoToMeeting, Canvas, Google Classroom, Blackboard Learn, Skype, Learning Management Software for e-learning, Story Boards, Raiser’s Edge, Luminate, EveryAction, Blackbaud, Soapbox Engage, Cision, Meltwater, LexisNexis, Zenefits, Paychex, Justworks, Intuit QuickBooks


Self-driven, solutions-oriented leader generating impact by offering assertive, direct communication and hands-on guidance to support teams. Deliver on bottom line and social impact objectives via strategic focus and natural curiosity.

Professional Traits:

Assertive. Innovative. Resourceful. Analytical. Enterprising. Conscientious. Determined. People-centered.

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